DG Tsellos co was founded in 1982 in Thebes from the Tsellos family.

We specialize in importing and distributing lubricants for all types of vehicles for industrial use, but also specialized lubricants intended for use by power plants, and shipping. We also operate on the import and marketing of spare parts, chemical additives and tools.

The company is the official partner of CHEVRON BELGIUM BV, for the import and distribution of TEXACO products to the Greek market since 2015.

In addition, we are official distributors of the products of the following houses:

Delkol lubricants from Israel
North Sea Lubricants from Netherlands
Banner and Redpower batteries from Austria
Petromark chemicals from the Netherlands
Maco cleansing cremes from the Netherlands
MFilter filters from Lithuania
AJS parts vehicle’s spare parts from Poland
Wemer – Metzger vehicles’ spare parts from Germany
Japanparts vehicles’ spare parts from Italy
JBM tools from Spain

Our sales network serves all Greece, with daily shortages and product missions made by our facilities, 2,500 square meters, located at a focal point of the National Transport Network.