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Our company specializes in the availability of branded lubricants in Greece, knowing full well how important they are in the proper
operation of the engine. We have a wide range of lubricants for every type of engine as well as grease for motors and connectors.
Our company is an official partner of CHEVRON BELGIUM BV, for the import and distribution of TEXACO products.
We also import and distribute Delkol lubricants from Israel.


Who and where can change your car oils

Since oil change is probably the most common and most necessary job for vehicle maintenance, you have
many alternatives. Even at a gas station you can change car oils. In fact, if you havesome experience
and knowledge, you can carry out the process yourself. However, if you want to are you sure that
the engine will be cleaned properly before changing the oils, our professionals recommend
assignment of work only to specialized car repair shops. It will be, after all, an opportunity to become one
general control of engine operation.

When should a car oil change be made?


Compared to the past, the time for changing the engine oils has increased. In modern
car models this distance is set at about 15,000 kilometers on average. At regular intervals
at intervals, however, it is necessary to check the level and condition of the oils. In addition to the factor of
kilometers, there are other parameters that determine the time for changing the car oil.
So let’s look at the most important of these factors.

What determines the time period for oil change car?


The two main factors are none other than the vehicle technology and the specifications set by the
manufacturer. Consult the service book to check when the last car oil change took place
and when it should be done again. Of course, the quality of the lubricant also plays a very important role
used during the change but also the correct cleaning of the engine. If you are not a fan of Turbo, you should
pay attention to the oil level a little more.

Because it is important to control and change its oils car?


We will help you understand it in the simplest way. Oil is what gives life to its engine
car. Over time, engine oil wears out and dirt builds up inside. THE
This wear does not only hurt the engine but also your pocket. Dirty oils combined with low
level accurately lead to higher fuel consumption but also reduced performance. Our advice is
take care of your car, if you want it to take care of you too.

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